Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Blog 1

A good writer is someone who not only uses the correct techniques in developing their works.  They are someone who uses the depths of their imagination to interest and intrigue their readers.  In order to become a good writer one must learn all the correct writing strategies.  They must practice dealing with these strategies and be able to use them in creating their documents.  Also a great deal of imagination is needed to add a personal touch to ones writing.  Not too many questions come to mind in consideration to writing.  Only one main thought is present.  How can someone truly broaden and enhance their imagination in order to create the best possible document?  Although I find it is very challenging to truly add powerful imagination and a wide range of vocabulary to a story, it is a great deal easier for me to research in depth and digress on an idea.  I find myself always having strong opinions and numerous things to say about various topics.

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