Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Sanitized Reality"

“You just won the Super Bowl. What’re you going to do now?” asked a reporter.
“I’m going to Disney World,” said the athlete of the winning Super Bowl team.
Disney World is a famous amusement park full of games, rides, princesses, and cartoon animals. Disney World is one of the most famous attractions for children and families. Its popularity grows to lengths of attracting professional athletes. In this article however, Salamone and Salamone possess a completely opposite view of this popular attraction. They believe Disney World to be a place of “sanitized reality.” People go there to escape the realities of their lives. They go there to escape the everyday norms that bring stress into their lives. Spending a day at Disney World means a day without paying taxes, a day without going to work, a day without doing chores at home, and a day without so many everyday tasks that people do not look forward to in their lives. Although children are thought to be the main prey of Disney World promoters, Salamone and Salamone believe adults take advantage of the idea in order to escape the realities of their own lives.

In the United States today there are many other cases that could be considered of “sanitized reality.” The life of a movie star’s child would be an example of “sanitized reality.” The child’s life could consist of getting everything they wanted, and basically never having to work for any of it. They would have no real grasp of reality and what real life is suppose to be like. They would never learn the true value of a dollar, nor would they understand the concept of working for their own money. All they would ever know and understand is getting everything they wanted and asked for.

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