Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Public Space"

In Staple’s essay he focuses on past experiences in his life. He talks about his hardships as a young black man in an unfriendly world. He depicted events from when he lived in Chicago. As a young black man, walking on the streets of Chicago at night, Staples was not seen as a normal citizen walking. A white woman nearly ran away from him at night out of fear he was one of the typical Chicago muggers. She seemed to of based her opinions solely on the color of his skin.
In public spaces I do not think people see me as a threat. Being an average sized teenage girl, I have never really come in contact with anyone being afraid of me. I do not seem to see anyone in public ever altering their public space when around me. Also, when I think about being in public I cannot seem to recall any times where I felt the need to alter my public space. I do not believe there is a reason to be scared of people and alter your public space around them. The only reason I would feel this to ever be necessary is if I came in contact with someone with a gun or any other type of weapon in which I was threatened or frightened by.
I do not think that race is a big issue in our society anymore. Over the past years I believe that Americans have begun to truly except everyone as equals. Although there are still a few people that seem to unfortunately have issues with the color of one’s skin, most of those problems I believe to continue to remain in the past. Some of my best guy friends are black and I have never seen people to have a problem with it. A black man was just elected as the new president of the United States. Overall, I believe America continues to remain a place of cultural change and much diversity. I believe most of our issues of race and inequality lie in the past, and only continuous change and improvement are in store for the future of the United States.

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